Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tips to Know if a Girl Likes You

  • Look for other clues:. She'll leave clues everywhere if you know where to look. Do you notice any of these:
    • Her hair: If she tugs on her hair or plays with it, when she is around you or when she sees you come into a room, it means she's nervous. She's nervous about seeing you.
    • Stares: Depending on how much she likes you and how good of an actress she is, she can give you long looks when your not looking or glance at you.
    • Passing interactions: If you see her walking down the hallway, she'll look at you once, quickly. She'll probably smile, but you know, try to contain it.
    • Questioning: If she constantly asks about your status with girls and asks your preference in types of girls, then she is likely fishing to see if she might meet your interests.
    • Hitting: If she tries to hit you (i.e., a "slap" on the arm, a "punch"), then she probably likes you. If you feign injury and the girl seems amused, she likes you. If you feign injury and the girl seems slightly worried, she thinks of you only as a friend.
  • If you find out that a girl likes you, don't act like she is from another planet or has the flu. Girls don't like it and their hearts can be very fragile, so be careful. Don't be mean or give her the cold shoulder because IF you do end up liking her eventually, she may not give you another chance. Also, that kind of mistake can mess up your re****tion as being a good boyfriend.
  • Ask her friends, they can be really good and most likely will not tell her unless they know she likes you, and that could be good, trust me just go up and say i think i like(their friends name) and see their reactions
  • Do not try to flirt with the girl's friends. This may cause the girl's friend to believe that you like her and cause bad relations between the two.
  • Telling a guy that he's like her brother may be a girl's polite way of saying that she's not interested to someone she is friends with. However, for some girls, this may indicate shyness. Do not automatically assume that she doesn't like you if she says you are like her brother.
  • If she hugs you, hug her back. If you're shy and you feel uncomfortable and try to push her away, she'll get all confused and well, you don't want that.
  • Girls like to know who has a crush on them. Even if you aren't sure, tell her. If you're nice about it and don't harass her, she won't mind at all.
  • If a girl smiles and calls you her BFF, she might like you. Be careful, though, she really could mean that you are just friends.
  • Also a girl likes you, they will probably laugh at all your jokes even if they're not funny or if they're not jokes.
  • A lot of shy girls usually won't admit that they like you unless they know that you like them too, so if she denies it to someone not close to her, don't lose hope!

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